Sun – A major source of energy in Vastushastra

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Vastu is chiefly a scientific draft, but it is coated with religion mainly because in olden times religion was the main vehicle of communication, and as I told you earlier that in some cases the threats and promises of Vastu have been given only to scare people into following Vastu. Vastu warns of diseases when particular tenets are not followed. There are chances that you might fall sick, and my experience has shown that violation of some specific tenets can affect your health and if you comply to Vastu as much as you can, you can minimize health hiccups.


Major source of energy in vastushastra is Sun. Sun is the source of all life on the planet and is also a silent killer. The effects of excessive exposure to sun radiation may not be evident until late in life. These effects may include a shorted life span and increase in developing of different type of diseases. The effect of radiation on human body depends on its intensity and this can be contained getting under a shelter i.e. a home.


One accepted example of effect of Sun on your health. Solar eclipse is certified harmful to pregnant women. Sunrays direct and indirect i.e. reflected from moon also effect moods and emotions of a person. Interestingly crime incidence is higher during full moon and the word lunacy is derived from Lunar, which means moon. The Sun and moon have a strong bearing on our health. The only thing which can protect us to certain extent is our home and if designed as per Vastu it can be quite protective.


One more logic about effect of sun energies is if you observe our globe and the sun path. Places closest to sun full year around where the intensity of radiation is maximum e.g. equator belt you will find maximum of health problems, dark skins etc and the further you go towards any pole i.e. north or south pole, people will be more fair and healthy. At Micro level, we can take e.g. of India i.e. South India to North India.


Other example of Sun energy. Changes of seasons increase and decrease our energy levels, example – we feel more energetic in winter even if the temperature is 35 but in summer at 35, we feel tired very fast because sun is comparatively closer to us in summer than winter due to the changes in the tilt of the axis of the earth.


Vastu tenet considers the sun angles and recommends different ways of blocking negative sun energies in summer and also utilizing positive energies in affirmative ways.


Sages who had discovered and written about vastushastra had a vision to understand the behavior of nature & effect of radiation when they were conceptualizing role of climatology / Vastushastra in architecture.