A Brief on Vastu

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Vastushastra, the ancient Indian science of structure is popularly believed to promise prosperity. Though most Vastu tenets are presented as superstition, they are actually obtained from a sound scientific theory. Unfortunately the original text no longer exists and subsequent versions may have misrepresented certain aspects of the original. Besides in the modern context, several questions arise.

Is the science relevant to urban life?

Can it be adapted to contemporary constraints?

If it is not followed in totality, can there be a compromise?

Would the compromise yield an effective outcome?


Vastushastra the science of structures helps you unearth the wealth of information that lies behind the seemingly redundant applications. It is designed to be a comprehensive and practical guide to understanding the ‘Vastu tenets, without the attached misconceptions. For instance, Vastushastra cannot be linked directly with prosperity, but if you follow the rules, you will think positively, act wisely and work effectively so can prosperity be far behind?


Vastushastra prescribes energy-efficient architecture, in the sense that, for Indian conditions, the northeast is to be kept open as this is the direction of maximum positive energy. The southwest is the direction of the setting sun, when it emits maximum negative energy.  Thus the southwest is to be kept heavy, so that it will block the negative energy. The positive and negative directions will be different for the various countries, as these will depend on latitudinal and longitudinal locations, wind direction and sun path.


There is a very important aspect to Vastushastra and that is health. The energies of the nature i.e. Sun and Magnetism affect specific parts of brain and if a person spends considerable time of the day in the environment which is not well guarded from negative energies it might affect adversely, e.g. Sitting in the harsh Sun for full day.


There are four factors that influence Vastushastra: – Solar energies or sun energies, which contribute to at least 40% of vastushastra tenets. This high intensity rays dispenses negative and positive rays, this negative radiation effect human body depending on its intensity, the more closer you are to the equator you are more exposed to radiation from Sun adversely affecting ones physical and /or mental health. People exposed to less radiation i.e. staying more towards any pole are healthier and hence prosperous.


Magnetic field of the earth forms 45% of the tenets of Vastushastra. This ancient Indian science is still used to heal people, as everybody knows, blood contains hemoglobin full of iron and magnet can affect its circulation.


Gravitational force forms about 7-8% of Vastushastra tenets in the modern context as due to advancement of science and technology houses and buildings can be constructed defying this force.


Wind energies is hardly harnessed to create micro climate in the house. We now are more and more depended on artificial ventilation systems e.g. fans, air conditioners and coolers. Also due to modern technology today’s structures are capable of withstanding heaviest wind force.


Many Experts say that there is one more factor in Vastushastra which I feel is not at all in our control and that is Cosmic rays i.e. astrology. Well this science does not have any part of to play in Vastushastra but they support each other i.e. if your astrological chart is strong and if you are placed as per Vastu you will get a boost in your life and if your chart is weak Vastushastra helps to reduce its effect. It will help you to overcome problems with ease. Hence it would be right to state ‘vastushastra acts as vitamin pill to support ones astrological chart’.


Before I end this article I would give a word about prosperity. Vastu talks about prosperity. I see a very simple reason. Healthy body leads to healthy mind, and healthy mind to higher efficiency levels, which I believe, should result in prosperity.