Location for Television

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This time we will see which is a good direction to keep your T.V.. Normally T.V. is kept in the living room where all members of the family sit and watch soaps, operas or sports channels or news, but now a days TV instead of entertaining the full family has become a cause of worry as more and more people are getting addicted to this box and thus not working or studying to their best potential. Because of TV, interaction between the family members has reduced drastically leading reduction in closeness of the family members. Also due to TV addiction children’s are not studying properly in turn increasing parents tensions leading to serration in the family, parents scolding children now and then, children’s becoming more revolting etc. Even master neglects the emotional needs of the family as sometimes he also gets addicted to the TV.

Invention of TV has also reduced outings of family members; people prefer to sit in the house on Sunday or holidays instead of going out to gardens beaches or even social visit. Because of TV we sleep late thus effecting our health. People are becoming more and more lazy, doing least physical work and inviting all sorts of health problems.

Well now about TV location in the living room. When vaastu was written there were no TVs but today all vaastu consultants specify location of TV as per the tenets of vaastu. Quite surprising, modern vaastu consultants are more genius than sages who have written vaastushastra.

In this article I will also recommend the location of TV but in relation to the sitting direction. TV addition occurs more if your sitting location is in very comfortable zone and if TV is kept in a positive direction chances are that the person sitting in the most comfortable zone facing a positive solar and magnetic direction will feel like sitting in that seat for a longer time and watching positive direction for a longer time, hence indirectly get addicted to the idiot box and once he is addicted it would be very difficult to come out of it.

Now below all eight locations of TV are in relation to the sitting location. Please note : I am considering that sitting locations are on the opposite direction of the TV.

North:      Never keep your TV in this location as this is a positive magnetic direction and its always a pleasure to face this direction.

South:      Most uncomfortable direction to watch, so TV can be kept in this location as channels getting addicted is remote.

East:        No, never, as this is a positive sun energy direction emitting positive vibes and attracting the watcher and in turn making him addicted.

West:       Good location to keep your T.V. as this is a negative solar direction hence giving discomfort to the watcher.

Northeast:         The best comfortable direction to watch, so if TV is placed in this location every body in the family will get addicted to this idiot box.

Northwest:        Average direction to keep your TV as it is positive magnetic direction but negative solar direction.

Southeast:         Again an average direction as positive solar but negative magnetic direction

Southwest:        The best direction to keep your TV, if you are not a TV buff This direction will also help you to save on electric as the idiot box will be hardly switched on.