Positivity & Vastushastra

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Location of the main door is only to set the direction of room in the house and the opening direction of the door is to be seen from inside and not outside.


If your door is not in the best direction as per vaastu do not worry as at micro level i.e. interior level you can easily make your house vaastu positive. Today people are afraid of vaastu as many vaastu so called consultants have frightened them by giving threats like you might go bankrupt or some one will die in the house etc. People are also told to demolish many walls and furniture in the house to follow vaastu rules. But actually it is not required to do so. With minimum changes one can have a vaastu positive house but a detail evaluation of the house is required.


People who were frightened by some consultants think that they should change their house as their door is in the west and a person does not mind selling his two bedroom house cheaply and moving to a smaller house as he does not have money to buy a bigger house. Well my advise to them is please do not worry as any house irrespective of negative door location can be used vaastu positively and positive door location can be vaastu negative. So please check your sleeping location, sleeping direction, your children’s sleeping location and direction, interior of your kitchen, living room etc. as a negative door located house can be turned into a positive house.


People usually have a Question on how to improve their living standards in terms of health, wealth and happiness. Well in vaastu all small points are also given importance e.g. sitting direction in living room, Pooja direction, studying direction etc. and if these directions are followed, one can get that extra which is needed by us in the form of wealth, happiness and health e.g. after certain income you start saving and that helps you to create extra wealth for the happiness and security of the family.


Proper kitchen would give you good health and a proper bedroom will give you proper rest but if you want bonus you have to look at your other things also.