Magnetism & Vastushastra

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In this article we will again talk about health related factor i.e. magnetism.


Magnetic energy is as Omni-present as is solar but almost impossible to detect. The instinct in birds and animals to migrate can be attributed to slight fluctuations in the magnetic field of the earth.


We pick up pins with a small magnet and amuse ourselves when we have nothing to do, but it does not strike us that the whole damn planet is in a precarious state of balance in the expanse of nothingness.


Every inch of earth is under a magnetic field. In fact intense solar activity causes strong fluctuations in the magnetic field. This fluctuation is strong enough to disturb the ionosphere. This can also interfere with short wave radio reception and tenets of Vaastushastra do definitely take magnetic field of earth into account. Earlier I had already given you the example of sleeping positions.


Well you should try sleeping with your head in the right and wrong direction and this will tell you how insidious magnetic energy is, very small changes in the equilibrium can affect our composure to a large extent. Every single cell in the body is an electrical unit and consequently has a magnetic field. There is a state of harmony between the magnetic fields of different cells is the human organism. A very slight rap on the balance causes serious differences in a person’s behaviour and bioelectrical disturbance can have a bearing on the moods of an individual.


Vaastushastra takes into account all this when it promises happiness etc. at home. A particular direction configuration can possibly interfere with the fluctuations of the magnetic field and disturbs ones mental balance.


The defence of the elements in Vaastushastra popularly known as superstitions does not mean that one should forget the idea of safety mechanism. According to me most of the time Vaastushastra talks of the possibility and not the eventuality. The threat is made to look ominous and eventual so that one doesn’t break the rules and stand the risk of suffering. All the while I have been trying to explain. Vaastushastra in scientific terms. I wouldn’t know how far I have succeeded. But so far I have not dealt in detail about one important problem.


Even if one were to accept Vaastushastra in totality, one may not be able to practice it in a city in totality.