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Vastushastra has fascinated some and irritated others but it has intrigued everybody. This ancient science deals with architecture at the material and psychological levels. Its tenets have a strong scientific and even sociological basis. There is a wealth of information in Vastushastra that only serious can unearth. But it should not be forgotten that the tenets – do’s and don’ts – were written in much simpler times.

Vastushastra, the ancient Indian science of structure is popularly believed to promise prosperity. But it actually prescribes energy – efficient architecture keeping in mind the sun angles, the magnetic energies prevailing around us, wind directions and the gravitational pull of the earth to give a micro climate in the premises.

There is a very important aspect to Vastushastra and that is ‘Health’. The energies of nature i.e. sun and magnetic, affect specific parts of the brain and if a person spends considerable time of the day in the environment which is not well guarded from negative energies it might affect one adversely e.g. sitting in the harsh Sun for the whole day.

In short, Vastushastra makes one healthy, mentally and physically and if one is healthy, one performs better and if one performs better, can prosperity be far?