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Astrointerior helps to make your home feel welcoming, encouraging to positive and fresh energies day in and day out so your life can be happy and prosperous.

Astrointeriorsoftware analyses the influence of Star Signs, Lucky Colors, Feng Shui and Pyramid Therapy on the life of an individual and recommends some of the finer points of interiors based on the strength and weakness of a specific person….

This software also considers Chromo therapy - an ancient science, once upon a time used in Egypt, China and India for healing an individual with the help of colors. It is believed that different colors help to stimulate different type of energies in a human being e.g. physical, mental energies etc., some colors help to stimulate nerves, some help to sooth and heal organic disorders etc.

Recommendations in this report are given after considering combinations of star signs and numerology of all family members.

Living room considers the Master’s and wife’s birth details before giving recommendations.

Kitchen recommendations consider housewife’s birth details.

Master bedroom considers both husband and wife’s birth details.

Parent’s bedroom recommendations also are based on their combination.

Children bedroom considers two kids birth details before giving recommendations.

A kid having individual bedroom get recommendation based on their detail.
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